Brooks has a "thing" for feet.

Other brands care too much about how their shoes look. Brooks cares about how your feet feel. Basically, Brooks really likes your feet. In today's social media, milennials normalize previously taboo topics and enjoy making light of dark humor. We took advantage of that.


Brooks will release a sequential-page ad in a Playboy magazine. The first part of the print looks like a normal Playboy photograph. Flipping the page reveals an ad from Brooks.


Using competitors's sites, Brooks will promote their erotic banners to intrigue viewers. Clicking on these banners will bring users to their top-selling shoes.

Social: Feet Pics

Brooks will use Twitter to ask for feet pictures. (For "research purposes.") When users reply, Brooks will respond with creepily intimate compliments and discount codes for the shoe that fits their foot best.

15-Sec Pornos

Porn is a taboo subject brands don't usually connect with. So are foot fetishes. Using Pornhub (yes, Pornhub) we can sneak in our ads to confuse viewers between erotica and branded content.


StockX is becoming the eBay of luxury sneakers. Brooks will use this platform to promote their more than slightly worn shoes using a celebrity known to have a foot fetish.

Idea Vision

In case you need any clarification or want to hear some classic 80s romance songs.

CREATIVE TEAM: Art Direction: Emma Walls & Sydney Aloe | Copywriting: Kelsey Whipple, Anne-Sophie Collier | Video Editing: Hope Thomas

AWARDS: SCADDY Best in Show, Gold in Brand Film, Silver in Use of Social