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Join the Flock


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Establish a nonprofit supporting families impacted by cancer. ~Check it out~

Join the Flock was created to pay the mortgages of those affected by cancer, often a family's largest monthly cost. Simpson Real Estate Group and Casa de Lazo were inspired to create this 501(c)(3) nonprofit (oh yes, it's official) from the organization's co-founder Jennifer Lazo, who bravely battled Stage IV Breast Cancer before passing away after the nonprofit's first year. I partnered with these two Atlanta businesses to develop Join the Flock's logo, brand identity, website, and merch to raise awareness and guide the group in creative projects. We used the motif of a flock of flamingos throughout the branding, a recognized cancer motif and symbol of community.



After the initial launch of Join the Flock in 2018, we created a website to explain the nonprofit's story, mission, and ways to donate and nominate loved ones to receive donations.


Brand Guidelines

I created a brand book for Join the Flock to guide the nonprofit through its new identity.



Join the Flock kickstarted this year's launch on the Ellen Show's Greatest Night of Giveaways, where the nonprofit's late co-founder Jennifer Lazo was celebrated by her husband Mario and her two children. *Melissa McCarthy may or may not be involved.* The flock was also featured on CNN's piece on Human Kindness, where another co-founder Keeli Simpson and Kate Walton of our Board of Directors talked more about the organization's mission.


Art Direction/Design/Copywriting: Emma Walls | Clients: Simpson Real Estate Group, Casa de Lazo